Walter A. Risi attended high school in East Orange, New Jersey.; he graduated in June, 1963. He then started college at Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken in September, 1963.


His education was interrupted by the arrival of the Vietnam War. He entered the United States Army in June, 1966 and he served his country until June, 1968 when he received a honorable discharge. During his service in the Army, he was a military policeman stationed with the 532nd Military Police Company located at Fort Dix, New Jersey.


After the service, Mr. Risi returned to his studies at Stevens Institute and completed his undergraduate education. He received a bachelor’s degree in General Engineering  with honors covering all of the major engineering disciplines ( mechanical, chemical, electrical, and civil ) in June 1970.


In July, 1970, Mr.Risi commenced employment with ESSO Engineering and Research Corporation, a Division of ESSO Company ( now known as Exxon Corporation). He was employed as an engineer at their facilities located in Florham Park, New Jersey until September, 1971.


In September, 1971 Mr. Risi resigned his position at ESSO and commenced his law studies at Fordham University at Lincoln Center, New York. During his attendance at law school, he was selected to be on the staff of the Fordham Law School Urban Law Journal where he served as a writer and assistance editor. During law school, Mr.Risi was also employed by the publishers of the “Journal of Taxation” and “Taxation for Lawyers”. He graduated from Law School in June, 1974 with a Juris Doctor.


Additional, while attending law school, Mr. Risi enrolled in Stevens Institute to obtain his Master’s Degree in Engineering.  He completed his engineering studies and received his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering in June 1972.


Walter A. Risi was licensed as an attorney and admitted to the Bar in New Jersey in 1974. He was admitted to the New York Bar in 1975.


Mr. Risi’s initial employment was with a maritime law firm: McHugh, Heckman and Smith & Leonard located at 88 Pine Street, New York City. He retained that position for approximately two years and then resigned his position in August, 1976 to take a teaching position at Stevens Institute of Technology where he was employed as an instructor in Mechanical Engineering. During those two years, he remained at Stevens Institute as a teacher/instructor and began his studies toward obtaining a Ph.D. in Engineering. He was also practicing law part-time from his home in Rockaway, New Jersey.


During the summer of 1978, Mr.Risi’s law practice had become so busy that he discontinued his engineering studies and concentrated full-time on the practice of law. From September, 1978 to the present he is actively involved in the litigation of both Civil, Criminal and Matrimonial matters. He was one of the first persons qualified to be designated as a Certified Civil Trial Attorney.  He had completed all of the required courses, references, trials and experience qualifications for his Civil Certification by January, 1990 and for his Criminal Certification by December, 1990. He  still holds both Certifications and actively maintains his litigation practice. Mr. Risi was re-certified as both a Civil and Criminal Trial Attorney in 1997 and he was again re-certified in 2004 and 2009. He currently maintains that active status.


In addition, Mr. Risi has many other outside interests and certifications some of which assist him in the practice of law. He is an avid Scuba Diver and is licensed as a Master of Scuba Diver and a licensed Cave Diver one of the highest levels of Scuba Diving. He is a licensed pilot and not only has private pilot certificate, but he is also instrument rated, multi-engine rated and holds a commercial pilot’s license. He is also an active motorcycle buff and has rode across the USA twice and has been to Daytona bikeweek and Sturgis, N.D. and to each and every State of the USA. He also maintains a 45' sailboat on the Hudson River in Jersey City and has his US Coast Guard Captain's License with Master Upgrade to 50 tons.


Mr. Risi is fluent in Spanish. "Se habla Espanol".